About Us

screen-repairRetractable screens in Edmonton can be hard to come by. Screen Savers Plus began in 2002 with the surprising object of a cat. The cat was fond of clawing up screen doors around the family home and this made the father give his son an ultimatum- he must bid farewell to his beloved cat or he must restore the screen doors back to their original condition.

Although the son was at first limited to repeatedly fixing his parents’ screen doors, he got more trade when his Edmonton neighbours heard the news. Lawn signs and door knocking soon became viable advertising methods and the young son needed to become more mobile to meet the growing demand. He needed to expand his transport options so the primitive red wagon which had been enough in the past was replaced by a small trailer towed along by his father’s 4-wheeler. Every single season and weekend the demand multiplied and the business grew into something special. Family members were employed and friends were also roped in to help satisfy the growing trend.

AIRA-HandleThe company has since branched out into other services which mirror the window and door screens, which gave customers more autonomy over the environment they resided in without leaving their mark on it. Screen Savers Plus now provides Security Screen Doors, Retractable Screen Doors and Awnings to give people a little more luxury in their homes or offices. The company became even more flexible to meeting the array of needs and deadlines which clients have.

From its early start, Screen Savers Plus now operates in two countries and has become very successful. It may be a big operation now but it has always stayed true to its roots. Screen Savers Plus offers great retractable screen doors in Edmonton.