Screen Walls and Enclosures


Buying screen walls and enclosures in Edmonton can be a tricky task, although there are plenty of quality products available.Screen Room 3 Our enclosures are made specifically to fit the unique design and size of each home. A “mansard” roof is a prominent feature of our designs as it gives the option of enhanced roof heights which allows us match the shape and style of your house in the best way possible including shed styles and gable roofs. We can be flexible with alterations made to roof heights, bay windows and fireplaces. A hallmark of our trade is to ensure we tailor our project to meet each customer’s needs.

A screen room means that you are entirely outdoors where you can enjoy all the pleasures that nature has to offer without the constant irritation of bugs and other pests. Essentially, you can enjoy the sunshine, warmth, cool breeze and beautiful views without the annoyances that insects can cause, this is the real advantage of screen rooms and they are ideal for any family home.

Screen Room 2



Poly Carb 1

Similar to the screened roof, a polycarbonate roof is made to withstand harsh Canadian winters, mounds of snow and all the piercing rays of sunlight. Our polycarbonate roofs come in clear, tinted or white opaque. Each colour has its own set of advantages with the clear being the warmest, tinted offering a shaded environment and finally white opaque alleviating the harsh glare of the sun. A polycarbonate roof is also equipped with our custom heavy duty Eavestrough system which gives the homeowner the perfect shelter from adverse climatic conditions.

Poly Carb 3



3 season 2Your enjoyment in using the porch does not end with the seasons changing. A three season sunroom gives your family the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors for 10 months, a period much longer than the short Alberta summers we experience.

Revel in all the advantages of a screen room which is bolstered by a polycarbonate roof and sturdy three season windows. Your deck or patio becomes an indispensable component of your house.

3season 1

Our three season windows also have the advantage of being composed of powder-coated aluminium and the window material is made from a special variety of vinyl called “memory vinyl”. These windows can withstand impact and extreme temperatures, are fairly lightweight compared to glass and is an economical and cost effective choice.

3season 3Our three season windows operate in a four vertical track opening system. Each opening is made to be integrated into the wall of a Screen Savers enclosure and has four window panes for each opening. These interlock for maximum comfort and ventilation if they are slid to the ground. All of these features make them the best screen doors and enclosures available in Edmonton.