Sun Blocker

Block the sun…Not the view!

It can be a difficult task to find sun blocker screens in Edmonton. They are an essential element of any household budget and have a multitude of applications. You want to be able to block the sun but still have the wonderful view of outside. It is ideal to get the advantages of natural light in your home without the damage sunlight can cause over a long period of time.


Solar screens are a practical method of protecting your windows from the sun’s harsh rays. Their effect is similar to having a shade tree in front of your window without actually blocking the view.

Sun Blocker Screens are customized to fit comfortably onto the outside of the windows on your house. They will protect your home completely and actually save money on A/C costs by screening out UV rays and the heat from the sun prior to the light entering your home through the windows.

80-90% of the sun’s heat and power is absorbed and filtered away from your house so your home is comfortable and regulated at the right temperature.

Super-SolarSome advantages of the products are listed below:

  • Safeguards against sun rot and fading
  • Provides a little privacy in the daytime
  • Lets in a light breeze but not insects or any unwanted visitors
  • Reduces the intensity of glare
  • Lets you have a clear view through your windows of outside  while still protecting from the sun’s rays
  • reduces the expenditure of A/C costs and enhances energy conservation
  • Stops fading of furniture, walls and floors

solar install-03Solar screens have more applications than protecting against the intense heat of the sun’s rays.

They also insulate the house in the winter, providing an optimal temperature consistently. There are many advantages to purchasing sun blocker screens in Edmonton.